Since 1989 Meat Masters has been graciously serving our local faces with the finest cuts of all hand chosen meats. Owner, Fred Mitchell had a vision of sharing his deep passion of quality tastes of the south when he opened Meat Masters. We have earned our reputation based upon one guiding principle — never compromise. From the hand-selection of our meats to our meticulous aging methods and hand-cut custom portioning, every step of our processes is precise and performed to your exact specifications. Serving our community has been our #1 priority, along with our skilled level of customer value. In the summer of 2014, we decided to take the extra mile of extending our customer basis to all of the USA to share our southern ways and products that most won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Our products are hand-cut by highly skilled butchers applying the same artisanal standards pioneered by the neighborhood butcher. The result is perfectly trimmed and consistently cut steaks and roasts beyond compare. Combined with our patented aging process where we dry or wet age the beef prior to cutting results in exceptional flavor in every bite.

Our commitment to food safety is unparalled in the industry and we consistently exceed USDA requirements and set the bar for how other purveyors should operate. These same exacting standards are applied to our personal and knowledgeable customer-service.

Meat Masters is the premier southern purveyor of the finest prime meats and other quality foods. In addition to our award winning steaks, we also offers the finest, Heritage breed veal and lamb as well as pork, seafood and ready-to-eat entrees and side dishes and prepared desserts that bring an element of convenience as well as quality to the table. Top chefs and restaurants have trusted us as their source for the finest, most consistent, best tasting and most tender USDA Prime beef available for a reason — our sole focus is to ensure that the world’s finest beef and other foods are enjoyed by all, given with our own southern flavor.